Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Recipe

In honor of Thanksgiving I will share my favourite side dish we have every year for Thanksgiving. My mom makes these amazing mashed potatoes but this year I learned how to make them myself.

Mashed Potatoes

Servings: 4



Peel and cut potatoes into 1/2-inch (1 cm) chunks. In large pot of boiling salted water, cover and cook potatoes until tender, 15 minutes.

Drain and mash with hot milk, salt and pepper. Stir in green onion, and sour cream

For my information visit Canadian Living website and look through the recipes. They have so many delicious treats for all seasons.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh very nice, I love the mashed potatoes. I'll have to try to make those sometime. However cooking is not my forte... My grandfather makes some awesome potatoes himself that my family has every thanksgiving and christmas dinner. Unfortunately we did not have them this year. *tear*