Monday, October 5, 2009

Richmond Street Is Closed !

First of all I hope everyone had a great Homecoming weekend. I have been doing some major facebook creeping and there is tons of new material to keep me busy busy busy. Don't deny it, you are probably doing the same. If you were at the bar scene this Saturday night you would have noticed (and maybe been surprised as I was) that the streets were closed off! I assume it was because there was 30,000 students walking the streets and it was practically inevitable that someone would be hit by a taxi. It was a very smart and well organized idea, except for the fact that you could only get a taxi at Oxford. Now I went to the tent part located at the London Music Hall and after a night of dancing my drunk bottom off in 3 inch heels my feet were killing me! Of course there was NO taxi available and my posse and I had to walk home from London Music Hall all the way to Oxford (See map for details) !!! I took off my heels and walked in stockings with my feet soaking wet. This situation would have left me a lot more upset if it wasn't for the fact that we walked by Cousin Vinny's Pizza and scarfed down the most delicious slice topped off with Franks Hot Sauce (highly recommended). Please be advised for next homecoming never to wear heels. Also, if you EVER have the opportunity, stop at Cousin Vinny's.

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