Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Heart Kristen Cavallari

I was never a fan of The Hills, or Laguna Beach, but something about the amount of advertising MTV Canada has been doing to promote this new season of The Hills intrigued me. I caught up quickly with the last season of The Hills because MTV has also been promoting the new season but rerunning the last season ALL the time. I actually saw Heidi and Spencer get married 3 times last week, which is also a sad reflection on the amount of free time I have.

ANYways, Kristen Cavallari is beautiful. Here is a picture for anyone who does not know. If anyone watches the after show, which I never did they showed a comparison between Lauren and Kristen and it is true, Lauren was boooooring. I am tres excited to see a girl fight or watch Justin Bobby and Kristen's romance. This week I learned that I heart Kristen Cavallari and that I may actually watch this next season of The Hills.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't P*** Off A Cabi

On my way home from Taphouse on Saturday night a few friends and I decided to stop off at Jim Bobs for their infamous hot dogs. I learned many things that night and the first was DO NOT buy the sausage at Jim Bobs, even if they make you wait for the hot dogs just wait because the sausage does not taste as good. More importantly, I learned not to p*** off a cabi. After hopping into the cab with the ketchup dripping down the side of my mouth my cabi warned me not to spill, which of course I did. THEN, my friend in the taxi made a comment which he probably should not have said and he kicked us out at Richmond and Oxford and said we had to pay the $5. After telling him where to go the cabi put the car in park, got out of the cab and talked to the police who were also stopped at the red light. The last thing I learned that night was that the police don't care what cabi's say.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Run for a Cure

It was Saturday morning when I conjured up a boost of energy and decided to go for a run. After Friday night at Winks and then Jacks I was more hungover then expected and could not waste another day lying in bed feeling like crap. For some reason the cold, crisp morning made me feel as if I needed to be there. So I dragged my roommate out with me and we went for a run to cure our hangover and various life stresses. We ran in silence with only our ipods blasting in our ears and fully escaped. There is no better way to cure a hangover or any other pains then to run it off!