Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Speidi "How to Be Famous"

If you watch MTV or visit Perez Hilton then this might not be news to you. This week I learned that Heidi and Spencer Pratt have written a book called "How to Be Famous" and are thinking about staring in their own reality show.

I was never into the Hills until this season when Kristen came in a spiced things up. Every episode is filled with girl drama drama drama. BUT, the two most entertaining people on the show must be Heidi and Spencer, especially this season when the married couple is considering having a baby.

SPOILER ALERT- last episode ended with Heidi telling Aurdrina that she is not going to take her birth control so she gets pregnant and Spencer will have to deal with it even though he has stated that he NEVER wants to have kids.

I understand this whole scenario is just a big act to get ratings up, but you must admit it is still entertaining. As for purchasing their book, I might not go that far but a reality show does sound interesting to me!

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  1. I personally am not a fan, and I have been forced to watch "The Hill's" on occasions by friends who are obsessed and quite frankly.. I just dont get it. I don't think i'll ever really get it. I've only seen the show twice and each time I thought Spencer was a huge jerk, and Heidi was just dumb, I think they work well together. The scenario with her not taking her pill so that she ends up getting pregnant... well that's been done, sorry Heidi. Plus that isn't saying much and she's falling in to the crazed girlfriend stereotype. I think a reality TV show with Spencer and Heidi would be just one huge waste of money, but then again, what do I know right?