Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cell Phone Law

Okay, here is another question about the law. As most of us know Ontario has banned the use of cell phones while driving. If caught, one could be fined up to $500, a fee no student could afford! But what is the difference between using a cell phone or changing the radio station. Or using a cell phone or eating a Big Mac? What is more distracting and how far is the government going to go. Is this just the beginning of driving laws or will eating a Big Mac soon be next on the list?

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  1. crazy laws

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  3. I was thinking about the same sort of ideas you discussed, just the other day. I'd love to know the statistic from how many fast-food/radio related accidents occur each year. Its wild that the government would ban cell phone usage, and not consider other activities drivers ensue.

    Furthermore, a study released today in the Toronto Star shows that the majority of Canadians still feel hands-free headsets should be banned. The article discussed how the majority of Canadians disagree with any sort of talking/texting/e-mailing. Its wild. Check it out here: