Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Lambert: Boy on Boy

If anyone has not seen or heard about Adam Lambert at the AMAs then you are not watching enough TV or keeping up with your Perez.

Here's the scoop: Lambert performed at the AMAs and it was quite a performance, not because of his musical talent but because he stimulated oral sex with a male dancer and then made out with one of the band members. Getting a bit of Madonna/Britney deja vu?

And according to ABC, over 1,500 people have called to complain about the performance which really isn't much. Probably because we are getting used to celebs doing ridiculous stunts at award shows to get attention. I think people are making way too big of a deal of this and it was completely unfair for Good Morning America to cancel his performance. Want to know what Lambert has to say, watch this video:

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What do you think: fair or justified?


  1. I think the idea is blown out of proportion.
    The idea of oral sex, is slightly taking public fame and taboo to an extreme, that goes for any artist. The stage is not a sexual playground, and not when there is children involved.
    However the kiss? I mean, are we still concerned with homosexuality at this point. It is kind of embarrassing on behalf of out generation to still make such a big deal about it.
    As far as good morning america goes, if they were real journalists, not just people providing infotainment, they would have welcomed him on the show to explain himself and get the first interview after the innocent.

  2. By Children involved ( i mean a national audience full of different age groups)

  3. Personally I think the whole thing is stupid. I had saw this on the msn news reel and it had caught my attention for some reason, I read through and decided both parties were being babies. Celebrities do crazy stunts to get full attention, who cares what he did, but I agree with Jacob, if GMA were really interested in stories they would of grabbed onto this and have been the first to release an interview.