Sunday, September 27, 2009

Run for a Cure

It was Saturday morning when I conjured up a boost of energy and decided to go for a run. After Friday night at Winks and then Jacks I was more hungover then expected and could not waste another day lying in bed feeling like crap. For some reason the cold, crisp morning made me feel as if I needed to be there. So I dragged my roommate out with me and we went for a run to cure our hangover and various life stresses. We ran in silence with only our ipods blasting in our ears and fully escaped. There is no better way to cure a hangover or any other pains then to run it off!


  1. If you haven’t tried Vitamin Water “Restore” you should definitely try it. The label on the bottle describes the product as the solution for hangovers. It’s also another healthy way to cure the hangover.

  2. Hey I think running is a great stress reliever myself. I have also heard that McDonalds is a great way, especially with their Big Mac's, to cure Hangover. My friends will go out and chow one down after a night of partying. I personally would go with the running. =)